Welcome to Wellspring!
Because we couldn't do life without a real family.
Our Story:

Wellspring Church was birthed on March 24, 2019, from a call from the Lord of something big He wanted to do in the Central Valley of California to partner with others with the same heart and start a turn for this state and nation. We began to be awakened to the gospel of Jesus and the church in the Bible and felt compelled to mirror it in ways that maybe we weren't accustomed to in the American church of today.

What if there was a place just like family, where everyone is welcome, who love you where you're at, but also love you too much to let you stay there. Where God's presence is not only talked about but is hosted well where He can do what He wants paired with the order given in scripture. What if we dared to believe everything the Bible says about Christianity. What if we do church like the book of Acts spoke of, where we weren't just together, but we actually knew each other. What if we allowed the Lord to do whatever He wanted, whenever He wanted, with whomever He wanted.

What if we really followed Jesus. What if we left it all to follow Him, including all of our own ways. What if we really died so He can live through us. Lose our life so we can actually find it like Jesus said.

That is what the world is really hungry for. That type of place is a Wellspring to those that are thirsty. Come hungry and thirsty and expecting, because all we want is Him. We won't settle for less.

Wellspring Church Fresno

1754 N. Fine Ave
Fresno, CA